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Construction Materials Engineering Department Manager (P.E)

By: GeoTech Engineering & Testing

Location: Houston, Texas

The Materials Department Manager will be responsible for the Construction Materials Department (Laboratory and Technicians). Supervise and schedule a team of technicians providing services to both public and private clients. Focus on soils, concrete, asphalt and steel…

Construction Superintendent

By: Rio Grande Electric Co-Op

Location: Carrizo, Texas

To manage and direct the safe and proper construction of distribution power lines. Supervise the construction and maintenance of the distribution and transmission facilities of RGEC in conformity with established standards and RUS Specifications. Must be able to issue clear directions to construction crew and effectively manage…

Architectural Construction Administrator

By: Steinberg, Dickey Collaborative, LLP

Location: Houston, Texas

Responsible for supporting CA Dept Manager on multiple projects at a time; performing Site Walk observations and reporting; attending OAC meetings acting as a liaison for the firm; verifying project…

Texas is
a great state!

According to the Texas Comptroller,  “People are drawn to Texas for jobs, a low cost of living and a high quality of life. Our natural resources and central location in the country, adjacent to the sea and on a national border, have helped create and sustain competitive advantages in transportation, energy, wholesale and retail trade and more..” In January 2019, USAToday listed the fastest growing and shrinking states in the US naming Texas Number 7 of the fastest growing states: “Texas’s population grew by nearly 400,000 from mid-2016 to mid-2017. Migration from other countries and states accounted for slightly less than half of that growth…”.

The outlook for the building construction industry is good and there are plenty of opportunities. AGC of America Texas Construction Workforce 2019 Survey Results

If you are interested in learning more about a rewarding career , in the industry, you are in the right place.

Our Testimonials

David Fultz

Senior Vice President
Fort Worth TDIndustries
Fort Worth, Texas

“I believe that the construction industry provides such a unique career experience that is hard to match in any other industry. We get to interact with such a broad spectrum of companies and individuals that uniquely contribute to building incredible facilities. Not many professions get to see such a tangible outcome of their hard work. We get to see buildings that we collaborated to bring into existence – offices, hospitals, schools, data centers, etc. – paint the skyline of the cities we live in. When you couple that with the training and career development opportunities that exist within the construction industry, it yields an incredible passion for what you do.”

Laura Malek

Preconstruction Manager
Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
Austin, Texas

“Living and working in a fast growing city has provided me with a fulfilling career – one which has enabled me to be part of a hard working team, striving to elevate our community through new and exciting buildings in the education, healthcare and housing sectors. The Construction Industry not only encourages careers in leadership and team building, but it also fosters strong relationships within the community and beyond. Working in construction is not just a career – it’s an extended family.”

Jonathan Torres

AGC South Texas Member, Construction Leadership Council Board Member
Facility Solutions Group
Corpus Christi, Texas

“Our goal is to create a future for our industry and to ensure that we continue to be an extremely diverse community of individuals working together for common purpose.”

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