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Texas is
a great state, even in the face of a crisis!

Many cities and counties throughout the state consider construction essential. That means building continues, with utmost safety and health practices in place, of course.

General contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and more are HIRING! Go to our Career Center and to company websites to view career openings. 

According to the Texas Comptroller,  “People are drawn to Texas for jobs, a low cost of living and a high quality of life. Our natural resources and central location in the country, adjacent to the sea and on a national border, have helped create and sustain competitive advantages in transportation, energy, wholesale and retail trade and more..” In January 2019, USAToday listed the fastest growing and shrinking states in the US naming Texas Number 7 of the fastest growing states: “Texas’s population grew by nearly 400,000 from mid-2016 to mid-2017. Migration from other countries and states accounted for slightly less than half of that growth…”.

The outlook for the building construction industry is good and there are plenty of opportunities. AGC of America Texas Construction Workforce 2019 Survey Results

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