Parents and Teachers

Guiding Today’s

Youth To Success

All parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and successful, both as children and as adults. As a parent, you play a vital role in guiding them along the right path. Teachers also guide students and want them to be successful. As a teacher, you understand the challenges and the anxiety many young adults experience as they face choices about their future.

All across Texas, commercial building firms are providing opportunities. Whether it’s in an office or on a busy job site, there are exciting possibilities. During the next three years, the construction industry will need additional workers to cover new work and a retiring workforce. Texas is in high demand for craft professionals. Craft Labor Map – Texas 2022
National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) established Build Your Future (BYF) in 1996 as an industry image enhancement and recruitment initiative. Check out this beneficial resource: BYF.
Students and young adults are encouraged to explore all the options, but for many, construction is a solid choice. For students, a path to success can start with a career and technical education (CTE) program in high school. The Construction Careers Academy in San Antonio is just one example.

For young adults still anxious about an uncertain future, know there are many high-paying positions with generous benefits available throughout the state. Building schools, hospitals, and sports stadiums is exciting work. Join us!

Blaine Beckman


“If you would have asked me 15 years ago, while working as a carpenter, if I thought I would be able to work my way through the field and office to become an owner and President of a 100 year old construction firm by the time I was 35, I would have laughed and called you crazy. My construction career has enabled me to provide for my family and accomplish personal goals I never would have dreamed were possible and all while establishing lifelong relationships and building projects that I can show my children.”

F.A. Nunnelly General Contractors
San Antonio, Texas

Eric Hedlund

Senior Vice President

“The field of construction offers so many rewarding options, and represents a career rather than just a job.  Skills training, career advancement, leadership opportunities and financial security are all part of this great industry.”

Texas District, Sundt
San Antonio, Texas

Fernando Figueroa

Vice President

“The Construction industry has been the a proven market that has grown and develop opportunities for leaders and professionals year after year. With job opportunities from labor to CEO and most employers will grow and develop their talent from within. This allows someone to get in at any level and continue to grow in his career. I am grateful for this industry that continues to improve our day to day lifestyle infrastructure.”

Yantis Company
San Antonio, Texas

16- and 17-year-old

Students Working Construction

The number one thing students, parents, and teachers need to know about working construction as a minor (less than 18 years old) is what not to do. Go to DOL Youth Rules – Know the Limits. More information for students, parents, and teachers can be found at Youth Rules! and Young Workers – Construction: Build a Safe Work Foundation.

Those who are 16- or 17 years old can work a job that is not declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. See DOL fact sheets: Fact Sheet #74 and Fact Sheet #34.

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