Great Opportunities Are Ahead

Schools, airports, banks, and many other institutions benefiting the public are strengthened by students who’ve earned certifications and degrees in construction. Your roles as plumbers, electricians, building inspectors, and more, provide immeasurable support to your neighbors and communities. Your efforts made to foster your academic health, in turn, foster the health of our Texas communities. has developed open-use guides to construction careers. Each guide is rich with information Texas students need to know to succeed in construction, covering core sections such as certifications, education requirements, and job outlook. Take a look at the guides below:

Whether you are graduating high school or finishing your college degree program, there are some great opportunities ahead! Consider starting a satisfying career with a commercial construction firm in Texas.

Did you know construction workers’ pay in Texas averaged $55,700, seven percent more than all private sector employees in the state? It’s true. And Texas has more than 38,500 construction firms, of which 87% are small companies.

Construction craft professionals are in high demand throughout the state. There is an enormous shortage of skilled workers. By 2021, the total demand in Texas will be 1,190,197 skilled construction professionals (Build Your Future).

Also, according to a recent survey of Texas firms, 50% are having a difficult time filling non-craft, professional positions. These positions include estimators, safety directors and project managers.

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