Let them speak for US!

Some impressions from our members and users.

David Fultz

Senior Vice President

“I believe that the construction industry provides such a unique career experience that is hard to match in any other industry. We get to interact with such a broad spectrum of companies and individuals that uniquely contribute to building incredible facilities. Not many professions get to see such a tangible outcome of their hard work. We get to see buildings that we collaborated to bring into existence – offices, hospitals, schools, data centers, etc. – paint the skyline of the cities we live in. When you couple that with the training and career development opportunities that exist within the construction industry, it yields an incredible passion for what you do.”

Fort Worth TDIndustries
Fort Worth, Texas

Laura Malek

Preconstruction Manager

“Living and working in a fast growing city has provided me with a fulfilling career – one which has enabled me to be part of a hard working team, striving to elevate our community through new and exciting buildings in the education, healthcare and housing sectors. The Construction Industry not only encourages careers in leadership and team building, but it also fosters strong relationships within the community and beyond. Working in construction is not just a career – it’s an extended family.”

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
Austin, Texas

Jonathan Torres

AGC South Texas Member, Construction Leadership Council Board Member

“Our goal is to create a future for our industry and to ensure that we continue to be an extremely diverse community of individuals working together for common purpose.”

Facility Solutions Group
Corpus Christi, Texas

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